Confidential Compliant Auditable Finance

The natively confidential tokenisation layer with selective disclosure.

World’s First Natively Confidential Tokenisation Layer with Selective Disclosure.

Layer-C is blockchain infrastructural layer enabling the development of the next generation of confidential financial services. The infrastructure is a smart contract layer that increases security and compliance of financial activity through the native implementation of confidentiality through cutting-edge zero-knowledge-proof mathematics.


Native Confidentiality

Using Zero-Knowledge-Proofs, a new branch of mathematics, Layer-C delivers cutting edge confidentiality technologies.

Confidential Transfers

The transfer value between parties is hidden from the public eye, ensuring margins are kept confidential.

Consensual Transfers

To ensure unwanted transfers don’t compromise your accounts, all transfers must be accepted prior to settlement.

Confidential Identity

Private permission groups and provable identity claims are configurable in order to ensure compliance.

Confidential Agreements

Selectively disclose certain terms and clauses that exist in digital assets on public blockchains.


All actions are traceable and therefore selectively auditable in ways previously impossible with traditional methods.

Our Difference

Pseudo-Anonymity is NOT Confidentiality.​

In pseudo-anonymous services customer positions and portfolio value are published for all to see by default. Both services and users hope for the customer pseudonymous identifier is never related to their identity because when this happens, their entire portfolio is in the public domain.

Layer-C is Secure and Confidential.

Layer-C never publishes portfolio holdings in the public domain. This means that even if a pseudonym is linked to an identity, the person’s holdings are still mathematically obfuscated. 

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